• Original HEMP - CBD Classics | e-liquid
    Original HEMP - CBD...

    Original Hemp är Harmonys original e-juice eller CBD Classics...

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  • Innokin Endura T20
    Innokin Endura T20

    Endura T20 är en e-cigg speciellt framtagen för MTL vaping,...

    299 kr
  • Innokin Endura T20 PRISM Coil - 5 Pack
    Innokin Endura T20...

    5 - Pack med ersättningsförångare till din Innokin Endura...

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  • Rewick

    Vi rewickar din RDA RDTA 100 kr + bomullskostnad och Coil.

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Lista produkter efter tillverkare: IJoy

Vape gear för vejpentusiaster. IJoy har tillverkat erkänt bra hårdvara under lång tid.
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  • IMC-Coil 3 comes with 0.15ohm resistance and supports 50 - 100w wattage. The coil is compatible with COMBO RDTA and LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition.  

    64 kr
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    IJOY Limitless Sub ohm Tank is an elegant & innovative atomizer with light-up chip coil. With top filling design, you can add e-juice easily. The Limitless tank brings a new vaping experience.  

    359 kr
  • IJOY XL-C4 Light-up Chip Coil is designed for IJOY LIMITLESS XL. IJOY XL-C4 Light-up Chip Coil features light up when fire on. Get it as a spare part.  

    199 kr
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    IJOY Limitless XL Tank & RTA​, comes with pre-made 0.15ohm coil, dual coil deck and single coil deck.

    499 kr
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    IJOY Tornado Hero builds upon the original Tornado RDTA, but with new features - redesigned Kennedy-style airflow system, powerful juice flow control and rebuildable deck & pre-made coil options. Black color.

    399 kr
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    IJOY MAXO V12 Tank is a simple version with 0.1ohm V12-C12 coil and 0.2ohm XL-C3 Coil. 5.6ml e-juice capacity and 28mm diameter. SS color.

    549 kr
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    Inheriting great features of Limitless RDTA, IJOY COMBO is the first RDTA which features interchangeable gold plated decks and pre-made coils. With 6.5ml e-juice capacity, you can enjoy a long time vaping without refilling.

    429 kr
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    IJOY MAXO is the first QUAD 18650 Box mod with max 315W output. User can customize the appearance with various leather stickers. With ergonomic design, it is comfortable to be griped with. Black, Red & Yellow color for selection.

    839 kr
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    Building upon limitless XL, IJOY EXO XL comes with 26mm diameter and 5ml e-juice capacity. With included XL-C4 coil, the tank can work with as high as 215w power. And the EXO XL is also compatible with optional XL-1, XL-2, XL-2S decks. Black color.

    449 kr
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    IJOY Limitless 24 is a rebuildable atomizer which features 2-post gold-plated build deck, adjustable pin with insulator, bottom & top Airflow and deep juice well. It brings great flavor and cloud to you.

    389 kr
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    IJOY Limitless RDTA Atomizer is a rebuildable genesis style tank with 2 post deck. With 4ml juice capacity, IJOY Limitless RDTA features innovative side filling, adjustable airflow, Hybrid compatible and innovative cotton reservoirs.

    399 kr
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    MAXO ZENITH is a precision made, quality device that features tremendous maximum output power, integrating a Lightning-shaped potentiometer adjustment knob with a simplistic LED indicator with max output of 300W.    

    499 kr
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    iJoy RDTA Mod Kit includes a limitless RDTA Classic Edition Tank and a mechanical mod. The tank features interchangeable decks, which are also compatible with iJoy combo RDTA. And the mod is made from brass and can be powered by a single 18650 battery. 5 colors are for your selection.

    749 kr
  • IJOY TRC-Coil is designed for Tornado Hero. It is 0.3ohm coil and supports 40 - 80 watts. Get it as a spare part.  

    44 kr
  • IJOY Tornado Nano Replacement Chip Coil-L, 5pcs each pack. It features with a LED light. Get it as a spare part.  

    49 kr
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    IJOY Tornado RDTA is designed to recreate high powered (300W) RDA experience with the benefits of a tank. With T4 and optional T6 decks, Tornado RDTA brings more coil build options for vapers that love complex builds and extreme wattages.

    329 kr
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    IJOY XL-2S RTA Deck is designed for IJOY LIMITLESS XL. It adopts Kennedy Style airflow. You can build 2 coils with the RTA deck. Get it as a spare part.   

    149 kr
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