iJoy RDTA Mod Kit includes a limitless RDTA Classic Edition Tank and a mechanical mod. The tank features interchangeable decks, which are also compatible with iJoy combo RDTA. And the mod is made from brass and can be powered by a single 18650 battery. 5 colors are for your selection.

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The Limitless RDTA Mechanical Mod Kit from IJOY strips sub-ohm vaping down to the bare essentials. Designed for experienced vapers only, the Limitless mechanical mod applies the full power of an 18650 battery (not included) to your own custom coil build. With no electronic safety systems, this Limitless RDTA mechanical mod kit turns sub-ohm vaping into an extreme sport.

IJOY now own the rights to manufacture the classic, Limitless cylinder mod. If you’re not familiar with this type of unregulated device, it’s basically a brass tube with a fire button at one end. The other end has a hybrid 510 connection which is only compatible with atomizer tanks having a protruding positive pin. Firing a non-hybrid, standard 510 atomizer is likely to short circuit the battery. In this unregulated mod, a short circuit can cause battery venting. This mod has a ventilated tank plate to reduce the risk of an explosion.

This advanced sub-ohm vaping kit comes with a roomy, 6.9ml Limitless ‘Classic Edition’ RDTA. An RDTA is basically a rebuildable dripping atomizer with an attached e juice tank. Instead of regularly dripping juice on the coils, the coil wicks draw fresh e liquid continuously from the RDTA tank. The Classic Edition RDTA has a neat, side-fill port.  Filling is hassle-free, from either unicorn or traditional dripper e juice bottles. 

The Limitless RDTA comes with a gold-plated, postless deck. As well as freeing more space for bigger builds, the flat, postless design also makes building much less fiddly. Vapers who’ve tried the Limitless postless deck design have reported succulent flavour extraction and competition-class cloud production. To reduce heat transfer from a big, multi-coil build, the Limitless RDTA has a wide-bore Delrin chuff-cap.

Before using an unregulated device like the Limitless RDTA Mechanical Mod Kit you need to have detailed knowledge of battery safety, Ohm’s law and self-building. As well as ensuring that you are using a hybrid compatible atomizer, each custom coil setup must be tested for a short-circuit before firing the build on the Limitless mod.

The Limitless Mechanical Mod from IJOY comes with a slip-over, metal sleeve in either Black, White, Orange or Purple. The kit’s RDTA will match your chosen colour.
Design och material
MaterialSS + Glass + Brass
Mått och vikt
Diameter25 mm
Tråd & Coil Data
MaterialGuldpläterad 510