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Steam Crave har länge gjort atomizers och tanks av hög kvalitet för kräsna vejpare. Många som testar Steam Crave brukar alltid hålla sig med ett system i gång som referens för ångproduktion och smak.

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  • This Aromamizer RDTA V2 is the legendary dripper tank system with no dry hit and with the capacity of 3ml juice that is always fresh because of its unique liquid feed design, a very flavorful tank with cloud vapor production under full open air flow. The innovation of this product is nothing like any other, It has an RDA style a velocity style 2-post...

    429 kr
  • Aromamizer Supreme Lite is a Hot-selling with Supreme RDTA 23mm version. It not only has 2ml for TPD compliance but also includes a 5ml conversion parts. With a friction fit drip tip to reduce condensation,it will bring you the best vaping experience.

    439 kr
  • Aromamizer V-RDA from Steam Crave is an enhanced RDA with its fully adjustable cyclone airflow you can get the finest flavor experience, improved with unrestricted air flow to delivers an outstanding balance of flavor and vapor.

    429 kr
Visar 1 - 3 av 3 artiklar